Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year~

As a blogger it would be shameful that it has been this long since I have blogged. It has been a wild ride since I have last posted. A blur of an amazing season, the highlights being the farmhouse has a *new* roof, brilliant new paint job and the inside front two rooms re~taped, mud and painted. Huge. The exterior work prompted by the insurance company which has my coolbot walk in cooler project postponed another year.....ah, well, the house looks fabulous. I am still in the process of putting it all back together on the inside, which of course has spurred on a feng shui attack. Much needed. Having piled two rooms (and of course epic rooms, the kitchen and living room) into the other already full two rooms for several months as the schedule of markets and farm never cease, has led me to feel as if I could be on the edge of being a hoarder. Which scares the crap out of me. But, hey, if this is what it takes to make my life more simple, I welcome it!! Purge!

Another of the many highlights is: Fish Tacos at the Common Ground Country Fair!!!!!! I finally did it, applied and was excepted as a food vendor at the Common Ground Country Fair. This fair is a spectacular event of all Maine Organic fare from celebrations and DIY workshops of all types of rural living. I have been doing the Farmer's Market at the fair since 1993, making crowns from dried flowers and the ever fragrant signature scent of the fair: Sweet Anni. This year, I had my amazing staff doing the crowns for me and another fabulous crew assisting me with Fish Tacos over in the food area. Fish from Port Clyde, hand pressed masa tortillas formed and cooked right there, with the crunchy slaw and chipotle crema, all made fresh and from Maine (except the lime....). We had such a blast I wondered why it had taken me so long to do this? We laughed thru the three days that flew by.

I am now on the trip of a lifetime. I am in Mumbai visiting my sister and her lovely family. I have been here one day and know this will be the trip that will change my life. I am thrilled and always wanted to go to a place that would have such an impact. Photos and adventure tales will soon follow.....

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