Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool

It was the best April Fool's joke in Maine since the flood of 1987.....this time instead of flooding rain, we received 18 inches of heavy, wet SNOW! It was incredible, snowing, at times horizontally with the strong winds for over 24 hours. Many are still without power. Today, the day after the storm, it is still breezy, the sun brilliant to make all the perfect untouched fresh snow all sparkly.

Packing up for the farmer's market was a wonderful workout of snowshoeing, shoveling and balancing act while hauling tables, baskets, pastry boxes and glass jars of treats while on snowshoes to the van that for the first time was not parked in front of the bakery. The roads were a mess until Canaan so it was a nice slow ride in. I made it. The winter markets are a complete blast. Not as many in numbers but for us who come, it feels like survival camping. What we do for any farmer's market is incredible but the winter ones throw in a whole new realm of endurance. Today was sunny, altho a bit windy. Winter markets are more laid back and there is time to be social with everyone. The mutual respect for the vendor and customer relationship that each are so committed to come to the market in any weather is tangible. It is the most special event. I always know why I am there and I adore my loyal customers.

After a much less strenuous unpacking of the van upon coming home, I went for an afternoon snowshoe to enjoy the last (?) snowfall of the season which is destined to not last long. Out in the back field, the breeze was strong, the sound of water moving and crows calling, the smell of melting snow and tree bark warming in the sun.....Spring is still underfoot....just waiting to burst into full bloom.

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