Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swathed in vibrant cloth euphoria

My amazing sister Jen and her wonderful friend Nandi took me sari shopping yesterday. I am typically not a "shopper" sort of person but this was a joyful and extraordinaire experience. Nandi knew the best shop and it truly was a blast. The service in India is incredible, the impossibly small shop is full of the three of us and twice as many people there to take your bag, make you tea, bring bottled water and lay out an abundant array of the most amazing colored cloth in all combinations of cotton, silk and synthetic fabric, you barely get a glimpse and another is piled on top, if you didn't realize already, your mind is now boggled with the endless choices you have. Then there is the "trying on" which consists of you standing there with your arms up, a curtain has been drawn to cover the entrance and you are wrapped up, of course not before feeling a bit exposed, in this luxurious fabric. They have the perfect match of top and petticoat, stress how important the folds are and how to manage it. It all goes so quickly and then the mirror, yep, I LOVED it. I have the perfect sari and feel lavishly wrapped in the color that brings utter joy.

Photos soon to follow.....


  1. Billi, thanks for sharing all these wonderful stories of your travel in India. It all sounds overwhelming to a simple Mainer. From the safety of my office I travel vicariously through you!

  2. Thank you David!! Each day India is growing on me more....

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