Sunday, January 29, 2012

Osho Meditation Resort

Traveling thru the bustle and traffic of Pune, India, you cannot imagine where this described tranquil meditation center could be, then there is a left turn and the street turns quiet and cool, shaded from the blazing sun with huge trees.

From what I understand, this center had changed it's status from ashram to meditation resort, due to it's western style compared to other ashrams thru out India. I LOVED this life altering place, so much so, I have meet with the staff about the live in residency stay for the future.....

I don't think mere words can give this experience justice so I may not even attempt it but to share that I threw myself into it for the full experience, participating in the first meditation that began at 6am each morning and filled the day with every offered event until the last meditation that ended at 10:30pm. I slept only a mere five hours (due to some of the playful after hours music, dancing after the meditation and of course played LED poi in the Buddha Grove....) yet awoke feeling refreshed, alive and centered. I dreamt of being in magical places here in India....

This style of meditation is not like any other I have tried or read about. At first, I thought everyone was nutters but the results are life altering.....I look forward to sharing these incredible meditations when I return home. This is no mere sitting and meditating style, there is MUCH movement, Osho shares that our minds are not busy in movement. So the day is filled with dancing and then a sitting meditation after you have exhausted yourself with movement, which was PERFECT for me since sitting all day would have driven me mad. Instead I hobbled about, almost crippled from all the wild dancing barefoot on marble floors.....and ooohh, the marble in the two main meditation auditoriums.....absolutely stunning.

I met people from India and all over the world here. Osho Meditation Resort is a luxurious place full of beauty. The whole campus as well as it's many gardens and park are kept in immaculate condition.

As I said goodbye to the lovely people I met on my five day stay that my sister so generously gifted me, one friend mentioned that I looked absolutely radiant, I definitely felt this way, I had just finished two amazing meditation sessions of laughter meditation and the No Dimensions Sufi whirling meditation......I am in utter bliss~

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