Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon

The year of the Dragon is considered the luckiest year in the Chinese Zodiac. 2012 is the Water Dragon, water calms the Dragon's fire which can be a good thing. In just this one week, this year of the Dragon has been more than spectacular. I indeed feel lucky, I hope it continues for myself and every one of you.

I ventured out on the streets of Mumbai on foot again today. I am feeling more confident in exploring every nook which you need to do here, it is the nooks that hold some of the most interesting shops and people. You wouldn't EVER think something like that would be there but once you walk down a small crack of an ally, it opens into a whole world of colorful things. The incredibly intense gawking I attract doesn't even bother me anymore. I must be getting somewhat accustomed to the heat also, it seemed as if I wasn't sweating as much, which is really noticeable when you see everyone bundled up with scarves, long sleeves and sweaters and here I am soaked.....

Today I explored foodie things, more spices, teas, Indian bakeries and stainless steel cookware. The pans used here are fun and much different than I have seen so I wanted to check them out. My sister does not live in a touristy area so the prices are incredible and the shop keeper gave me a discount when I told him I was the one who would be using the pans. They loved that, wanted to know where I was staying, my name, brought me savory lassi and when I said I was okay and didn't need anything to drink, they insisted and said I was their guest! Shopping here is an extraordinary experience. The kindness is amazing.

I didn't recognize a thing at the bakery so the man offered me samples of everything, again, amazing....all these chewy almond, pistachio, date, fig fudge~y treats that he packed into an adorable little box.

I found the "expat" store that I had read about. I wanted to purchase chocolate chips to bake some cookies for Maks and Jen. They are the tiniest chocolate chips in the tiniest package, one ounce. The man said he had them at his other store and if I could wait 5 minutes, he would have them here, no problem. The store was Indian as well as western so I was more than happy checking everything else out until the chocolate chips arrived.

I saw the restaurant named Royal Challenge which of course cracks me up. Vladimir said it was a good place to eat so I will have to try it....

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