Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorable Memorial Day

So I have gotten my bees and am thrilled. One nuc and another to be ready very soon. I drove very carefully home with a buzzing hive of bees in the back of my van. Boy do they ever have a sweet tooth. I am feeding them a sugary syrup I make up for them every day until they have enough food built up for themselves. They are slowing down on the syrup now but they were going thru four pounds a day for a couple weeks there. Their little leg satchels are loaded with bright yellow pollen as they roll back into the hive. All is well in the bee kingdom it seems.

The demolition of the packing shed is complete as of today. Whew! Construction on the new kitchen starts MONDAY!!!!! I am so excited that I could just burst!! I will be ready beyond words to spread out. I am down to half the space and half the ovens so as you can imagine, bake days have been interesting......

I have a new lovely apprentice, Laura. She is fantastic and as I shared with her the other day how happy I am and how comfortable I am around her and how much I appreciate her being here, Laura said she felt the same. She said being here is better than she ever imagined! I am relieved. It makes me happy when others are as happy here as I am.

Laura's first day, Memorial Day, was a huge adventure. I told her every day wasn't quite like this.....thank goodness. It is a loooooong story but the short version is we worked on salvage wood reclamation, forest fire suppression (with the assistance of the fire department) and a manure treasure hunt together. Then, finally, we were able to do some work in the fields transplanting before the rains came the following day. We enjoyed a fabulous feast of market and Fire Fly Farm cuisine at the end of the wild day. She is still here. I am grateful.

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