Sunday, June 27, 2010

Delights of the Garlic Scape~

Fire Fly Farm has a BOUNTY of garlic scapes so they find themselves in every thing we eat this time of year. Garlic scapes are the seed pod the garlic send up and when you cut them, they are delicious to eat. Especially when they are are early and tender. I blend them for pesto with olive oil, a little pine nut or walnut, sea salt, nice fresh feta from the farmer's market and toss with fresh pasta. I steam them or roast them, chop them up to add to eggs, hummus, well, everything!. Because of their curly cue wildness, garlic scapes make fun garnish and even bracelets to wear for the farmer's market!

The deep bee hive supers I ordered have arrived. David and I put them and the frames together and my first hive now has two hive bodies!! Happy busy bees. I also ordered a new bee jacket with zipper attached veil that is divine. I was having trouble with my other set up and now fully understand the expression, "she has a bee in her bonnet".

The red squirrels are becoming a huge nuisance. Every year I have to remove a few, so am off to find the live trap. They start by robbing the chicken treats and then spend their time on my window screen watching me bake, screaming and whipping their tails, wanting to help themselves to what I am creating and I am certain, it is just a matter of time that they will find a way in the house. Already this morning they snuck into the van while we were packing it up with baked goods for the market. Darn squirrels.

I will be curing the wood fired oven for several hours today. Jeff Dec, my mentor extraordinaire, has shared with me that I am just a few more curing fires away from PIZZA!!!! I am VERY excited!

I hope you all are enjoying this most amazing weekend and many delights from your gardens or local farmer's market~

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