Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, it is officially Summer and what a summer indeed!! We know how to appreciate each and every gloriously beautiful day after last year's rainy summer......

It has been a wild week of great highs and stressful lows.....I realized something the other day, while I joke about really running off to join the circus someday, I don't need to. My life IS a circus. The circus is always in town at Fire Fly Farm. Circus's are a blast, but they also can be very exhausting.

SOOOOO, the fabulous highlight of this week: THE CLAY OVEN CRACK IS REPAIRED!!!!!! And a lovely six inch insulation layer we finished also. It looks fantastic and I am once again thrilled beyond words about the progress.
The lows of the week mostly come from how stressful building projects can be. I won't go into the gory details, they are too painful to relive. I am still hoping it will all be good in the has been sloooooow~and darn right agonizing. But this week will be a new week~
Having this new kitchen will not come too soon, I cannot wait to spread out. Funny how creativity can be suppressed when one's space is so cramped. I am ready to soar in my new kitchen!!!!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone~

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