Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ground Breaking~

Yesterday, June 16, 2010 ground breaking was done for the new catering kitchen. I am excited and exhausted. Funny how so much excitement can be was a loaded day, builders, tractors, new hive delivered, straw pick up, working with new apprentices, and baking, whew. Every time I am in my kitchen baking, all I can think about is how wonderful it will be in the **new** kitchen. I get so excited about just the vision of it, I have to suppress it since I get so beside myself and spin out. It really feels like it will happen now, not just my dream.

I now have three lovely apprentices. They are fantastic and all get along fabulously. They are all staying for various periods of time here at Fire Fly Farm. I feel so fortunate. With their help, things are getting all caught up so we can soon work on the wood fired clay oven again!!!! Hopefully we will be able to finish the crack repairs and insulation layer Tuesday.....

Today I am preparing for the bake off for markets~
Friday: Belfast's Main Street Festival Farmer's Market 9am~1pm on Main Street
Saturday: Skowhegan Farmer's Market 9am~1pm, you can meet all three of my lovely apprentices here
Saturday: Orono Farmer's Market 8am~1pm, I will be in Orono
Sunday: Bar Harbor Farmer's Market 9am~Noon, my lovely apprentices will be here

Speaking of Farmer's Markets....last Saturday I, with the help of my lovely apprentices, held a hula hoop workshop with the kids and customers. What a BLAST!! I want to offer this to all my markets now. Skowhegan Farmer's Market is doing a fitness/nutrition series that each marketer is sponsoring a Saturday. We at Fire Fly Farm put together a bunch of various sized hoops and had colorful tape for folks and children to decorate their own hoop. Then for the fun part, hooping all market with the fabulous live music that is happening each Saturday! Come join the fun!!
See you at the markets~

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