Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catch up~

Geez, so much has happened since my last post. Wish I had more time to update the ole blog....

The Beltaine celebration was fabulous as always and I think each year is better than ever. My wonderful neighbors came this time and other new faces which always makes the whole party! The perfect day for me is to have my friends together laughing, sharing food and having a great time.

The next week had challenges but they are over, thank goodness. The highlights were losing my apprentice and cracking my clay oven. My help leaving was best for us both in the end, we both knew. The oven cracking broke my heart. I realize I have to ask more specifics when someone advices, "go ahead and make a big fire, using wood stove sized wood" Me being the one who just dug an asparagus bed for 50 crowns and ended up planting 125 in that dug needless to say, I made a ripping fire and later heard a bang, ran to the stove seeing smoke billowing out from everywhere. It is moments like this that I turn off, go numb, telling myself to keep moving, no time for a melt down and when ready, go for plan B. I am ready to tackle the oven again, but won't have time until next week.

This week has been incredible, I feel I am back on track and ready for my season. I am lining up more help, getting in my groove and getting loads done. The demo of the addition is coming along great, I have a lovely hive of bees and more coming in a couple weeks. The fields are mostly planted, greenhouse is cranking out the yummy greens, I am trying to shuffle my baking schedule around to be sustainable and life is good.

My life lessons are to live in the moment, have patience and to keep breathing~ as another spectacular birthday was celebrated last week, I made my toast to this!

Cheers everyone!

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