Monday, February 22, 2010

Spectacular Switzerland

I found out today, I don’t have my “mountain lungs” quite yet. I remember how wonderful I felt last year at the end of my spectacular Switzerland holiday with Jen and family. I felt like I had been in marathon training hiking every day and felt fabulous when I returned to the low lands, so much energy. It was very obvious that my lungs were NOT in that shape today. Pack mule lungs I called it then. I didn’t float up the trail, I more like flailed. Well, maybe not that bad but it took much longer to go the distance than I remember. Yesterday I did better but took an easier route. Today was another perfect day, sunny and warm, typical Switzerland winter day.

Jen, Maks and Vladimir are on winter break so that is why we are now in Switzerland. Since they had lived here for several years before moving to Germany, we all drove back for them to visit and Maks is old enough now to take ski lessons. Vladimir is a skier also, so the guys are going to hit the mountain on skis. I have lost my need for speed long ago and I hyper ventilate just crossing these insanely steep trails on my snow shoes! Skiers must wear helmets it is so dangerous. Not for me. If I injure myself or worse, I want it to be doing something I LOVE, so at least when my self employed self is healing I won’t be cursing myself, I will be fondly remembering the what ever of a lifetime. That is my adventure rule of thumb, be bold but LIKE it!

Maks was adorable on skis today. I can hear him purring in the distance, fast asleep. Sounds like a great plan~

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