Sunday, February 21, 2010

LOVE LOVE LOVE Switzerland!!!!

We arrived in Switzerland and all breathed a huge sigh of relief. We were all very happy to be back. Jen, Maks and Vladimir had lived in Leysin for two years, I had been visiting in the winters and it was a warm welcome for all and a brilliantly sunny day. To me, this alone seemed a huge, glorious change from the constant gray of Hamburg.

Leysin is a small village at the top of a stunning Alp. Where we are staying (just above where they had previously lived), the only way to get higher are the hiking and ski trails. The air and water are clear and fresh. Just being here makes you feel like you are doing something incredibly healthy. We unpacked the car and scattered for various missions, mine was to hike up Profandaz. I want to hike and feel like an olympic trainer for the last wonderful week of my fabulous European holiday. The perfect ending….and great balance to indulging in all the fabulous Swiss chocolate, cheese and baked goodies. Funny, it can be expensive here but the cheese, chocolate, wine and bread are inexpensive…..what else is there?? I dream of being here longer and growing the vegetables and fruit to round out my diet…..I have only yet enjoyed the winter wonderland here, I am afraid if I visit during the growing season, I would be a goner…..just seeing all the freshly pruned grape fields makes my heart ache. I fantasize about what if when I see these darling tiny chalet’s tucked into the remote mountain side with nothing more than a foot path to access it. But….I am truly and completely in Love with Fire Fly Farm…..that is why I return. It is hard to be torn between great Loves. My darling family here in Europe and my Farm.

Until I depart, I will enjoy my beautiful family and this indescribably amazing country completely~

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