Saturday, February 13, 2010

snowy Hamburg~

Having it snow here in Hamburg for almost two months is extreme for here but with all the record breaking snow fall everywhere in the states, it probably doesn’t sound as big a deal.

I am having a great time playing with Maks, the days are flying by with me laughing through them~ Today Maks lined up three gummy treats saying “I am three” after asking me how old I am and me replying, he looked at me with shock and said “how do you get that many?” as I laughed I was thinking, how did I get that old or how do we ever get that many gummy treats?

Yesterday I ventured to Hamburg to purchase a pair of red shoes. This has been something I have wanted for YEARS. Not being a big shopper it has easily slid for this long. The other day when I was in Hamburg, I noticed in the shop windows several nice pair….then doing some research online to see what these brands were…… If I am going to purchase a pair of shoes in Germany, I would want them to be German made. I don’t have a nice pair of shoes outside my hiking boots, boots and Birkenstock work shoes….I am now a very excited owner of the most beautiful German made brilliantly red shoes! I LOVE THEM.

I also noticed a long line in front of this fish restaurant that also had an outdoor section of cold fish sandwiches being made and these amazing newspaper cones filled with fish and chips cooked right outdoors on this very snowy day. I stood in line and purchased a generous cone of fabulously fresh, succulent, crispy on the outside fish and chips. Aggressive seagulls were noticing who had a new cone and after being beaten over the head by the wing of a few over zealous ones, I carefully took a picture of this overflowing delight….being mindful not to hold it too far away so the gulls wouldn’t snatch it. There I stood in the snow with many others enjoying our cones full of fried piping hot lunch, listening to the accordion musician playing for us (have I mentioned my weakness for accordion music?) and my new red shoes in my bag…..the perfect day in Hamburg….

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