Sunday, February 21, 2010

The End of My Hamburg Stay~

My last week in Hamburg was perfection. On Valentine’s, my sister had a beautiful bouquet of tulips (my favorite) and lovely local truffles (another favorite) for me. She threw an amazing dinner party, everything was fantastic. I went to the St Pauli Fischmarkt for the last time that morning and it was PACKED. If only our winter markets were that bustling, the only way through was to shuffle along with the throngs of customers. It snowed, but now that seems to be what happens each day.

I decided my favorite is herring. I enjoy pickled herring in the states but the herring in Hamburg is so amazingly fresh and the texture like sushi which makes it my favorite all the more. The ways to have herring are endless. I did not manage to try them all but if I could eat more I would have.

I bid farewell to Hamburg as we all packed up the car, Jen, Vladimir, Maks and I headed towards Switzerland~
The first day on the road we traveled to Stuttgart where I had a “typical German meal” and what I will refer to as a meat feast. The local red wine was fabulous.

After a nights rest….destination: Switzerland!!

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