Friday, March 12, 2010

Arrival Home~

I am home now, ready to hit the ground running. I cannot believe there is NO SNOW. Record winter cold and snow everywhere I have traveled to arrive home to bare ground. Amazing. I am now trying to switch into Spring mode and am very excited to be able to do so this early in Maine.

The last couple weeks of my holiday were perfect. Puerto Rico and Culebra Island. Cave exploring and snorkeling were the highlights. The best snorkeling in the Caribbean they say and it blew me away. I cannot even try to describe the colors and fish I saw, it was magical, I was so excited and snorkeling was all I wanted to do. The days flew by floating in clear blue water, swimming with the fish of every color of the rainbow, through waving vegetation and coral of equal stunning colors, it was breathtaking and blissful. As I sit here, I still feel as if I am floating upon the waves, a smooth rocking my inner body still is doing~

Camuy cave was incredible. There is something about a cave…..This one is the third largest in the world. There is a group of spelunkers that I want to hook up with next time to do deeper exploring. It had been closed several years ago when we tried to go due to a fatal accident so I was happy to go in at all.

The juicy ripe fruit was my favorite food eaten on this leg of the trip. Papaya large as foot balls, pineapple, mango…..with all the fruit, beans and rice and occasional fish, swimming and riding the bicycles we rented to get around, I feel as if I lost weight on this vacation! Especially when trying to out ride the barking dogs chasing us…..

I have never realized how many different types of rum there are either…..

The best ending to the amazing travels and time with family I have had the great fortune to enjoy this winter is coming home to Fire Fly Farm. It is a brilliant sunny morning here and I am just beaming with joy with all that I am filled with. I could not be more grateful.

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