Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jet Lag

Jet lag is an interesting occurrence. I believe I experienced it both coming and going but with the excitement of arriving to India I was able to muscle thru it. Returning home is a different matter. So much is happening around being home and before I arrived I planned to jump right in with both feet back into my life. But the couch is all I have been up for entertaining.....

Of course one's body is out of wack. When I think of it, traveling over 400 miles per hour over vast tracks of land and ocean, being thrown back half a day with the time change, not sleeping for days and the dehydration of it warrants a few days of being a non functioning, tired and sleepless zombie. I am coming around. Yesterday and today I feel more myself and tomorrow will be ready to tackle the load of things to do before the full steam ahead season begins for 2012. I am really lucky to be able to take a break, step away from my life and see such spectacular wonders of the world and then return to the world that I Love so much here on Fire Fly Farm fully ready to embrace my life. I have my sister and her amazing family to thank for the trip of a lifetime. Without all the help of the Lovely Kuskovskis my trip would have been a fraction of what it was if not completely non existent. I miss them so and am overwhelmed with gratitude.

As I am crawling out of my stupor, I look forward to seeing you all very soon. I am back!

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