Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Breath, Grief and Gratitude~

My lesson in life is to live in the moment.....sometimes it comes down to each breath. Which can be difficult when you realize you are actually holding your breath.....

I have returned from my epic adventure of India just less than one month ago. So much has happened, much of which I am not ready to share. I have been told there are silver linings in all things. I believe the silver lining for me now is to realize all that is beautiful in my life and how fleeting this precious life can be. To embrace and love the people and wonders that surround me. Witnessing the seasons that miraculously unfold no matter what is happening in one small human's day, even when I feel the world must be standing still, it never is. In this regard, I am indeed rich. It is Spring, filled with boundless beauty...even when surrounded by denial, this is undeniable. As my heart feels too heavy to acknowledge joy, I look and there it is, the vibrant colors of Spring seeping thru my grief clouded consciousness.

I know that the paralyzing grief I feel due to the knowledge of my Dad not being long for this world is only selfishness of not having him in my life any longer. This knowledge does not offer relief.

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