Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sula Vineyard

We took a family trip to Sula Vineyard over the weekend. A bit of a rough trip, we were all car sick, Maks having the worst of it, actually getting sick, poor guy. He was a trooper and as we cleared the last mountain pass, things seemed brighter. As we approached the vineyard, a calm was in the air, it was absolutely stunning. Mountains framing an endless lake that met over 2000 acres of pristine and perfectly kept grape vines. It was incredibly impressive. Happy to get out of the car, we roamed the fabulous grounds of the hotel, swam, had a wonderful lunch and then prepared to tour Sula Vineyard and Winery. This is the largest wine facility I have been in. Again, the size and equipment was impressive for such a young winery. It appeared to me during the tour that they are catering to an audience that does not know much about wine. We had a great time, had a chance to taste a few wines and stomp some grapes. The grape juice was fabulous.....and the return ride back to Mumbai was MUCH more gentle!

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