Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Street Crossing

Interesting day....I picked up some tailor work that I had done with my sari, found some lovely chocolates and bakery to surprise Jen and Maks (Valentine's Day) and then was hit by a moped while crossing the street. I am all right, just a large welt and nasty bruise in the works but the whole thing had me furious for a little bit. Had to walk it off.
Now this is the street that has three "lanes" marked going each way but actually has six lanes of vehicles (mopeds, motorbikes, buses, trucks, cars, cabs, rickshaws....) careening and jostling each way down the strip of road, horns blaring the whole time. The moped driver said he was really sorry but he was using his horn. This almost had me laughing. It doesn't matter that everyone is blaring their horns at ALL times, I am deafened by horns and that it is then all right to hit a person instead of using the brakes. Hmmm. After many angry words and arm flaying from both of us, he drove off after we obviously were not going to have a way to settle it. He actually said he would drive me to the police station and motioned for me to hop on the moped. He didn't realize how crazy that was after he just HIT me, yea, like now I was going to go for a ride with him.
The irony of all of this is that I actually made it across the road and walking along when I was hit from behind and two other people were kind of a buffer....
I am not short of story material, that is for sure.....

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