Saturday, October 2, 2010

Autumn in Maine~

I guess it is terrible when my LAST blog post was~~ I cannot believe it is September and now here it is October and the same thought is in my head.....

October is one of my favorite months. I LOVE Autumn. Cool breezy, sunny days with brilliant foliage blazing and the signs of a time very soon when things will slooooow way down. At this moment, this thought of a slower pace is very comforting. Time to read, write, do yoga, create.....PLAY!!!! Now it is the time to scurry around with the squirrels, packing away my winter stash of the beautiful food I have grown, prepping the fields for winter and planting the garlic. The greenhouse is still going strong and is filled with plants offering freshness late into the fall and early winter. With these crisper days, one can muster the energy necessary to prepare for Maine winter. Even if in a state of exhaustion. It is exciting, the change of a season. Especially one so fabulously dramatic as Autumn in Maine. The strong winds are taking the rustling leaves from the trees all around. May you enjoy this Maine Autumn to it's fullest. It is really a spectacular one~

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