Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tomatoes, squash, corn and raspberries.....oh MY!

September already.....this is hard to wrap my head around, not that there is a lot of time to contemplate this at the moment.

The last wedding of the season I catered was a wonderful event on the top of Indian Hill in Greenville overlooking Mt. Kineo and Moosehead Lake. Such a lovely family and my staff was out of this world fantastic~

Now I am baking for my markets as well as gathering LOADS of bins of food that needs to be put up for the winter. What an amazing growing season and since I have not had irrigation, I am feeling very fortunate indeed to be swimming in such a variety of fruit and vegetables. Next week will be the real push to get this all processed. And to be able to do it all in my *new* kitchen!! A grand space and clean up is a breeze~
Happy Feasting~

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