Saturday, August 28, 2010


As August comes to a close far too quickly, I want to fully embrace all that has taken place. Time passes in a whoosh yet so much happens. Things that I am truly grateful for and huge events that I want to let soak in and give the attention they deserve. This sometimes seems hard to do as deadlines of the height of summer never take a pause, not even for a moment as we try and live in the moment.

August holds amazing highlights for me and Fire Fly Farm. An incredible schedule (in one ten day stretch, we did seven markets and two weddings), an amazingly spectacular kitchen that I can now work in that is what I always dreamed of (a studio of a working area), the beginning of my little stonehenge magical space, a fabulous new/used van that wonderful friends I met treeplanting last fall found for me, and the departure of my apprentices. And of course, the feasting of fresh food that August offers. Delights of all kinds to be picked just before preparation, the food brilliantly vibrant with color and flavor beyond anything else one could imagine. Life is grand in August. I feel blessed. And exhausted, but it is good. Better than good actually, it is amazing and that feeling of true amazement and gratitude for dreams coming true is what I am taking a moment to be grateful for and to really let it all sink in. This is it. This is my life, it is happening, it is all real and I have never been more happy.

I raise my glass of homemade wine to a toast for your dreams to come true~

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