Monday, October 4, 2010

Post Common Ground Country Fair and Farmer's Markets

It is one week after the annual Common Ground Country Fair, a one of a kind Maine event, it is hard to describe the Common Ground Fair. It is a complete DIY festival, I wish every region had one. All Maine, all organic. Workshops on how to build or craft anything and everything, how to be truly in tune with the land, farming sustainably and seeing a life style of self sufficiency. This event is always the third weekend after Labor Day weekend. I could go on and on about how fabulous the fair and MOFGA is, you can check out the website:

Being back at my regular schedule of Farmer’s market this weekend is like a festival also. I feel rich in fabulous food trades with all my favorite farmer friends. Missing just one week makes me miss everyone. This community of farmer’s coming together, creating/growing their amazing goods, then packing it all up at wee hours of the morning, driving to a vacant parking lot to set up a complete shop and transform this open lot into a festival of colorful and incredible variety of vegetables, dairy, award winning cheeses, wool, baked goods of all kinds, flowers, fresh meats of all sorts, smoked, cured meats too, seafood and poultry. Every farmer spends multiple hours making this open air market happen. Then at the end of the market, pack it all up and voyage home.
Some folks believe they can do anything. Farmers really can, I undoubtably believe this. After a farmer’s market of sharing stories and crazy adventures of the week on the farm, I am proud to call myself a farmer, to be a smaller version of what these great folks, our farmers, are all about.
Come out to your local farmer’s market. Experience the true spirit of community and how you can be a localvore~~yes, even in Maine.

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