Monday, October 25, 2010

Season's Fold

I love love love October and Autumn. I really enjoy all the seasons but the thrill of October is brilliant. Foliage blazing, crisp air, the smell of the fields, so sweet and pungent. When the days are sunny I feel I have to be out in it since winter is coming. Putting the wood and food up is a labour of love, I think of all who will enjoy it and this reality warms me. Offering food is what I do and am happy it is something I can give since it is so important.
All the ovens going, baking, drying, roasting....reaping what I sow and putting up the bounty. Pure joy.

As the garlic is planted, food dug and stored and fields wrapped up, this time of year offers the window of opportunity to *play*, be social with friends and share meals together. THIS is the best. With the early dark, it feels luxurious to catch up on sleeeeep and reading. I am starting to feel like I am not yet 100 years old and a tad bit rested, it may take a few more days.....I will relish every moment. I have decided that I must take the time to enjoy all that has happened this year. It has been a whirlwind, a wonderful but wild one and to step back and out to truly enjoy all that has been accomplished is what I need to do, let it sink in and celebrate it. It is so easy to keep working hard and not stop. I love to work hard, it makes me feel content but stopping is amazing also. Time to indulge my secret lazy side.

The new kitchen is fantastic. This winter I am looking forward to playing in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and becoming efficient in this large space. I remember a friend asking me when looking at this farm, "it is so big and there is only you, why do you want such a large home?" I replied that I had huge plans. My lovely Fire Fly Farm has been everything I dreamed of. The loyal support of my customers that come rain or shine to the Farmer's Markets has made this all possible. These moments of true community are what make all the difference. I am full of gratitude~
May you all be enjoying this most spectacular Autumn~

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