Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer surprises

This week of incredibly hot, amazing weather is made for swimming, which I had a chance to do a fair amount. The days sweating it out in the field and kitchen were "walk in cooler dreaming....."
I had a chance to help a little with Christa and Michael's wedding. What Christa and Michael have done on their new farm in just a few months is incredible. I LOVE farm weddings anyway and Christa and Michael's was simply magical, the two of them, the beautiful farm with spectacular views and their friends and family made the perfect day. They built a walk in cooler that I was running back and forth to and realized, I MUST build one immediately!! Thus the "walk in cooler dreaming~"

Today I had a swarm with my first hive. It is long story but from now on, I am trusting my own instinct on the swarm and not "the experts". The first sight they swarmed to, I was certain I could recover them....the way they gathered seemed too good to be true. As we scrambled to get another hive body put together, the winds kicked up and in between checking upon them, they disappeared. We searched but nothing. I will look again tomorrow but am feeling very sad to have lost them. I have learned a couple lessons. It is important to ALWAYS have an extra hive body ready for such events.

I am falling asleep waiting for bread to bake, I guess it is time to keep moving!
I hope all are enjoying this most amazing weather and harvesting summer treats from gardens or visits to the farmer's markets~

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