Friday, July 16, 2010

Adventures of July~

Another whirlwind week at Fire Fly Farm. Bee swarms, a vehicle accident that has totaled the fire fly mobile but everyone walked away all right, thank goodness. The first pizza bake in the clay oven that went fabulously and surprise guests that enjoyed amazing pizza, pasta salad and lavender and rose ice cream.

Between dealing with insurance folks, finding another van and the usual crazed pace that July brings, I am exhausted. I don't mind the physical exhaustion, the stress part I could do with out. But this too shall pass and summer is whirling by~ what a fabulous summer it is with the true weather of summer we are having!

The baby chicks are growing incredibly, they will be joining the other layers soon~

My kitchen is sloooooowly coming along. I would love to post photos but I dropped my camera for the last time it seems. I will have to go camera and telephone shopping when I get a vehicle. Funny how everything starts to go at once.

May you all be enjoying this fantastic weather and summer bounty the gardens and farmer's markets are filled with~

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