Sunday, January 24, 2010

More from Hamburg~

Time here in Hamburg is flying by, all the fun with family is the reason I am certain. Maks and I have been playing loads of games and crafts, pictures to follow. Playing with Maks is an adventure always, he encourages creativity for all involved in the fun and he completely cracks me up.

Taste bud adventures:
Jen’s amazing cooking, as mentioned before, she creates beautiful and delicious vegetarian meals.

Seafood~I have tried a few things åla carte. Smoked salmon and fish cakes, crayfish, and a herring sandwich with pickled cucumbers, the fish so fresh it was almost creamy.

Bier~ I haven’t ever been a big fan of pilsner but here they are hoppy, full flavored and refreshing. The Czech Budvar, the original budweiser is amazing! I have tried a few microbrew pub pilsners and am looking forward to more.

I went to the St. Pauli’s Fischmarkt again this morning and what a riot!! I will have to go every Sunday I am here. It is an adventure making my way around without knowing any German but everyone is as helpful as possible. One of the wonderful market vendors took me in and showered me with fruit, sticking more in my pockets and bags as I paid. The baker was generous as well. It was packed this week with loads of vendors and customers. I will have to do some shopping there for everyone, nice craft items.

Vladimir has just returned from his brief trip to Russia with gifts for all. He brought me lovely handmade slippers (Jen has a pair that I adored) and caviar~ YUM my FAVORITE!!!!

So we are all happily together again, feasting on fruit, bakery treats and tea on this chilly Sunday~

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