Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hoofin' it around Hamburg

There is something to be said about being a pedestrian in Hamburg….you definitely have the right of way. It is odd. Drivers just SEE you on the curb of a cross walk and they stop, even if you are checking traffic from the other direction. There are two types of pedestrian crossings, a crossing that has a light for pedestrians and another for drivers and a crossing that has lines in the road that is an unlit crossing. Pedestrians are also very serious. They DO NOT cross the road when there is a light for walking that is red. There may not be a car in sight, no matter, they still wait until the little red person turns green. And if you DARE to cross because there is not a car in sight, the people waiting for the green on the other side give you a most disdainful glare. I have yet to hear a horn beep at another driver. Very courteous traffic. There are cameras mounted on posts at lights that, if you are speeding, takes an accurate photo of your car, plate and YOU and then sends you a ticket in the mail!

I am trying to sample ALL the bread, pastries, beer, wine, local food… is all research after all….I LOVE what I do!!


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