Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best of 2009

I have been having some time to reflect upon the best of 2009. I know, it is usually done just BEFORE the New Year, but such has been my year....and since I feel I am racking up some best of 2010 already being here in Germany, I better write of the greats for 2009.

Favorite new piece of cookware:
My Le Creuset enameled cast iron dutch oven. I have always wanted one of these and although I did technically receive it as a gift for the holidays 2008, due to travels and an insane summer, I am just now feeling like I am getting some great, fun use out of it.

Favorite new cookbook:
I Know How To Cook by Ginette Mathiot. This amazing book is said to be the Joy Of Cooking and bible of French cooking. It is fabulous, over 1400 French recipes, simple to use and understand. I LOVE Julie Child and where her recipes are gourmet and technical, I Know How To Cook was created by a home economics teacher. It was first published in 1932 and has sold over 6 million copies. The English version has just been released in September. For a hardcover 4 lb cookbook, it is reasonably priced and worth every penny.

Favorite new toy:
My Macbook laptop!!!! Why would anyone want a desktop?? I am in LOVE with my computer and use it for everything now, also to justify the investment....I still had my first computer that was over 10 years old and not functioning compared to this *new* one, my friends warned me I would be amazed and I am. It is my research for recipes, food information and sources, my internet radio, my movie viewing device and my yoga class that I can take outside in the sunshine on beautiful days. The reason I finally have a blog is right here....

Favorite self made Tradition:
The tradition of hiking Borestone Mountain on my birthday. For the last two years of this tradition's creation, it has been the picture perfect day, sunny, dry, crystal clear and no black flies in sight. A most uncommon and honored day for Springtime in Maine.

Favorite event:
Circus du Soleil in Quebec City. I have always wanted to see Circus du Soleil and Quebec City. I was fortunate enough to have both in one quick trip. It was very abbreviated due to my August schedule, one evening and racing back but worth it and the drive was part of the adventure! Circus du Soleil was so incredible, I had tears of joy and amazement streaming down my face the whole first act.

Favorite trip:
Of course my trip to Switzerland to visit my beautiful sister, my sweet nephew and her wonderful husband. I had the time of my life, hiking the Alps, eating the best cheese and chocolates, playing with my (then) two year old nephew and everything about being with family.

Favorite escapist activity:
My sanctuary in the bathtub.

Favorite DIY project:
My wood fired clay oven!!

Favorite promo:
My *new* and improved website that Jess and Matt LeClair created for me!!

Favorite food adventure:
Switzerland and Italy, need I say more?!

Favorite Food event:
The Kneading Conference the last weekend in July held in Skowhegan Maine. I cater this amazing event that brings bakers in from all over the country and Canada for a two day baking adventure in wood fired ovens. This conference covers the process of baking from the farmers who grow the grain, to milling to the hand formed, wood fired loaf. Workshops also include making your own clay oven and baking everything from bread to your whole dinner and sweet treats in these beautiful artisan ovens.

Please share YOUR favorites of 2009, the comment section is all yours~


  1. Hi Billi!! You have a new followe !~! I too have always wanted a Le Creuset dutch oven for quite some time. I keep seeing the other "brands" on sale but I just don't know if they would be as goo !?!
    Have a wonderful rest of you vacation in Europe!!

  2. HURAY! Thank you Jelane! My friend David who gifted me my Le Creuset is going to try the enamel cast iron from Cuisinart, they have had great reviews and half the price, the largest concern is the quality of how the enamel is fired it seems. I have just ordered another oval Le Creuset, (lime green!! My other is wonderful red) off of Ebay for a great price. I just LOVE French cookware and everything else from France!