Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter's Great Embrace

Winter is here in Maine. The ground is covered with several inches of snow, the temperatures are plummeting to the single digits for the next few days, holiday carols are at full tilt and the Salvation Army bell ringers outside the shops. Me, I have been in denial of where we are on the seasonal calendar. I can't quite understand why since I enjoy the holiday spirit. I haven't yet adjusted into winter mode altho I am excited to bust out my cross country skies tomorrow. Time is just traveling too fast, I haven't had time to psychologically catch up. Embrace it I must or it too will fly wistfully past.

Appleton Creamery had their annual two day Holiday Market that I was grateful to again be invited to vend. This year it was at the Sweetgrass winery and distillery. They have a beautiful copper distiller that produces their brandy, rum and award winning gin. They have very special wines also. It was a fabulous time.

Last evening I was invited to join my dear farmer friend Matt Gerald at Nostrano in Bar Harbor. It was an Italian feast of localvore delight. All I can say is it was one of the best meals I have ever experienced. Matt's friends made it all the more special. Nine of us sitting around our private table, sharing wine, stories, laughter and amazing food.....nothing is more perfect than this. I have been wanting to attend this special supper club since I first heard about it two years ago. We booked this date several months ago. Of course, it was the date of the first major storm we have had this season. I called in the morning....no snow date, it is still as scheduled. So I headed off, giving myself plenty of time in my new/used all wheel drive van. My all wheel drive somehow mysteriously disabled (my "message center" alerted me of this just a couple miles down the road) and my ABS light came on. Then, my wiper fluid ran out. It was a white knuckle 2 1/2 hour drive that I was in desperate need of a shoulder massage but I made it to Matt's in time. As I drove up his drive, I saw another vehicle. It was Isabella and Danielle. I thought they may need a ride....stuck? No, there was a large tree down in the driveway. Matt arrived with his chainsaw and we hauled the tree out of the way so we could all get to our much awaited dining experience. Yes, just another day in Maine.
I stayed over on the coast (not about to drive again until the roads had cleared) and had time to stroll thru Matt's heated greenhouses this morning, grazing on all the fresh greens and edible flowers in his greenhouse as I listened to the lovely music he has playing for his plants. Maybe that is why they taste so extraordinary. Matt had an inversion table and shoulder stand device also in the greenhouse. I did both and I have never felt lighter. As I hung completely upside down by just my ankles I felt something snap in my abdomen. It was strange but whatever it was enabled me to feel like I was standing taller when back on my feet. I now LOVE the inversion table.

I made it back home in time to bid another dear friend Bon Voyage as they leave for St. Croix for a four month work assignment. They are saving a stand by ticket for me to come visit them. How lucky is that?! I think March may be the perfect time to take advantage of such a gift of tropical paradise.....

Winter farmer's markets are going full tilt. I will be in Belfast this Friday 9am~1pm at the Aubuchon Hardware Greenhouse. Not only will I have my baked goodies there, I will be doing a hula hoop workshop. Come on down and decorate your hoop and hoop for health. An absolute blast....
Saturday's winter market is in Orono, 9am~12 in the municipal parking lot behind Pat's Pizza.
I hope to see you there and you will be surprised at all you can still find at the farmer's market all winter long.
May your holiday preparations be joyful~

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