Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Eclipse

I would love to hear how many folks out there were able to view the solstice eve’s eclipse. I tried. I set my alarm for 1am to catch the beginning. I am in Michigan for the holly~daze with family so I quietly bundled up, but Momma with her bionic ears met me at the door, she knew what I was up to....I went out to the crisp night, in the crunchy snow and watched thin clouds pass over a brilliant full moon that the eclipse hadn’t yet started to touch. I stayed out bathing in the full moonlight until the cold made me think I could give it a bit of time as I warm up. I set my alarm again for 2am, in case I fell asleep. I was watching the most amazing full moon eclipse, the darkness was floating over the full moon that was blazing, as I watched, my whole family arrived to join me, my sister, Maks and Vladimir arrived from Germany, my brother was suddenly beside us days early, my cousin Kolene and her family and my folks all stood beside me as we gaped at the eclipse swallowing the full moon. Then, my alarm went off, as I groped for the alarm in my disorientation, I couldn’t believe that I was INSIDE and had yet to go out and view the eclipse that my dream so vividly lead me to believe I HAD seen. I bundled up once again. Sadly, the skies were completely shroud in clouds that were so thick, only a blur of light was visable where the moon had shown full less than an hour before.

I have had the amazing fortune to see a full moon eclipse I believe 1993. I was floating down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon with three other adventures.....we were camping out, I think it was the first week of December, snow was falling on the canyon wall, I slept out with just my sleeping bag. The four of us canyon floaters were sitting at the campfire, howling at the full moon and suddenly, a dark shadow crept over the fullness of the moon. Being on the river for a month, we had no was a full eclipse that made this trip of a life time all the more magical.
Happy Winter Solstice!!

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