Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Farm Fun

Aaaaaah~ what a day! The fields are tilled! The back field that I put in clover last year, I am prepping to be the vineyard along the orchard and it looks fabulous. As I prepped the front field for tilling I noticed that the peas are just starting to pop up and I was delighted to forage some greens that had wintered over. I have been enjoying the chard and cilantro and noticed the watercress today~ YUM!! I dug loads of yellow dock root for tincture and the rest of the parsnips. There are enough parsnips for recipes to feed folks during this Saturday's clay oven building party here at Fire Fly Farm. We will be finishing the clay dome, I am SOOOOO very excited. The next party for the oven will be making pizza!!

I am trying to salvage some wild grapes that have taken over the back tree line along side the front field. They have been running wild longer than I have been here and have climbed several stories into trees. They are lovely Concord grapes but are so tall, I can no longer harvest the fruit. Inspired by Savage Oakes' pruning workshop, I set to work. Trying to pull them out of the trees is harder than imaginable. I was literally swinging from them and several wouldn't budge. Some came down and I realized that safety glasses would be a good thing when a load of debris came showering down and a large piece bounced off my eyeball, managing to scratch both my cornea and new glasses. Argh. At this point, I am happy I can see! Irritation will heal.

It has been the kind of satisfying day that you feel your muscles sighing in relief as you sit down for a moment~ I like these kind of days~

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