Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Sundays~

I LOVE winter Sundays. They are perfect, today sure is anyway. I have been a bit under the weather since New Years so today I awoke feeling a step in the direction of better. Yoga, poached egg on my bread. Yoga kicked my butt since I hadn't in far too long. My New Year resolutions are getting a late start....I blame it on not feeling myself. Poached eggs. I have not made a poached egg in I don't know how long and they are divine. Eggs are the staple this time of year if you have chickens so I will be featuring recipes with EGGS for my markets these next few months. Poached egg on my, did I miss my bread!! I baked for market yesterday, the first market since December 18th with the way the holidays landed this year. So I may have thrown off the value of poaching my egg with all the bread and butter I ate along with it but oh well, that is what happens when reunited with a long lost love, sometimes you lose yourself. And what better day to luxuriate in such indulgence than a winter Sunday.....woodstove radiating warmth, sun popping out to motivate something adventurous....the whole day lies ahead....
May you all find something to relish upon this fine wintery Sunday~

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