Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Pace

What a great all started with National Pie Day. It was a true holiday for me, eating pie all day and not having to bake a single one. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much with folks I hadn’t ever seen before. Who couldn’t be happy, a bright, brilliant day in Rockland, walking around with others joyfully laughing, eating amazing pie at the lovely restaurants and historical Inns along the ocean in Rockland! Each venue had a savory and sweet to try. I thought I would try them all. Pacing myself when it comes to food has never been my forte....I was reminded of this while at the very first place I stopped. The savory pie was so fabulous, I had a second sample.....a little voice reminding me this was not a great way to start. I didn’t regret it, it was the best one I tried all day. Smoked porkloin on a cheesy quesadilla with smoked tomato and cilantro was smokey, creamy, tangy...all my favorite flavor sensations. After recovering from my pie hangover, there was much skiing to do to make up for such decadence. The cross country skiing has been fabulous and having the company of my neighbors makes it all the more fun.

January seems to be the meeting palooza month for farmers. The dates for meetings seem to be stretching into February all ready.....fantastic meetings mind you, much inspirational things learned and shared and great to see everyone. SInce we never have time to meet until this time of year, it always seems intense. This weekend has been the Farmer’s Market Convention which was fantastic. The workshops were wonderfully attended and the presenters amazing. I cannot say enough about this conference, incredibly reasonably priced and packed with irreplaceable information. The facilitation was scrupulously effective which is something that is not always seen at meetings. So much was packed into the time and it all ran smoothly and promptly.

I face another week of meetings and deadlines of things I let slide a bit....enjoying January and realizing spring will be here before I know it so I am cracking the whip upon myself to get caught up in the small window of time left to do it all in.....before the whirlwind of summer.....aaahh~ summer~

May everyone be keeping warm

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